Difference Between GBWhatsApp and Original WhatsApp


The user of WhatsApp? And want to switch to GBWhatsApp but thinking about what is the Difference between gbwhatsapp and the original WhatsApp? Is it worth using the alternative of Whatsapp? Is it safe to use? Here are the complete details about the difference between GBWhatsApp and Official WhatsApp. Before going into the comparison first you should know about the GBWhatsApp what it is and how it works?


What is GBWhatsApp?


GBWhatsApp is one of the most successful mods of WhatsApp, which comes with many features. GBwhatsapp was launched in 2014 first time and it became very popular with the passage of time. Now, millions of people using this WhatsApp mod due to its many features. In GBWhatsapp, the anti message delete feature is one of the most liked features of all time. In this app, you also get different themes and much more stuff. 


Difference Between GBWhatsApp and Official WhatsApp

The Official WhatsApp is a messaging app owned by Facebook. In the original WhatsApp, you see a very simple interface. You can upload your status and can chat with your friends and family with this app. It is one of the best sources of connecting with people.


It uses end- to-end encryption, which is a very secure gateway for communication. But, in official WhatsApp, you get many restrictions over your privacy. You cannot see deleted messages, statuses, and chats. You are also unable to hide your online status while using official WhatsApp, which makes limited control over privacy. Download Gbwhatsapp from here.


WhatsApp new feature


Features of Official WhatsApp


  1. End-to-end encryptions 
  2. Simple and clean interface
  3. Easy to use
  4. Lightweight 
  5. Owned by Facebook 
  6. Uploading and Viewing Status
  7. Secure Messaging
  8. Fast and Secure App
  9. Number 1 Social App Blocking 

On the other hand, GBWhatsapp gives you maximum control over privacy. It is not officially available on the Google Playstore but you can download it from here. And GBWhatsApp is also not owned by Facebook. 


Same as official WhatsApp it uses end-to-end encryption too for communication, which means using GBWhatsApp is safe. GBwhatsApp offers you all official WhatsApp features and also offers you some extra features. You can easily enjoy these amazing features with Gb Whatsapp Download.

While using GBwhatsapp you can turn on flight mode and can become offline on WhatsApp while your data is on. You can also view all deleted messages and statuses on WhatsApp. And the very good thing about GBWhatsApp is you can also download the status as well. 


While using GBWhatsapp you can freeze your last seen in WhatsApp GB too. No one will know whether you are online or offline when you enable the last seen freeze feature in GBWhatsapp. The anonymous status view is also one of the very unique features of the  GBWhatsApp.


Freeze 'last seen' on GBWhatsApp


In this feature, you can view the status of your friends without letting them know. You can only be shown up when you click on the double tick while viewing the status.

  • Anti Ban
  • Anti Message Delete
  • Anti Status Delete
  • Freeze / Hide Online Status
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Flight Mode
  • Many Built-in Themes
  • Secure Messaging
  • Maximum Control Over Privacy
  • Lightweight 
  • Blocking
  • Blue Ticks After Reply
  • Chat Lock
  • Chat Hide
  • Anonymous Status View


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