GTA 5 vs. GTA 3


Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series by Rockstar is found on the PC of every true gamer. Over the years, the franchise has launched several gaming masterpieces in GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty city stories, but their latest introduction GTA 5, has taken a step further. The GTA series is known for creating action- adventure games full of suspense, drama, and a lot of fighting. GTA 3, an older addition to the series, was also packed with suspense and drama, which excited gamers across the globe.


However, if we draw a comparison between the two games, there are differences. We will cover them in a lot more detail below. Developer create gta 5 fpr mobile as well, you will find mobile version of gta 5 from this website.





GTA 5 is the story of two former partners, Michael and Trevor, the game’s main protagonists. Both were involved in countless criminal activities and heists until Michael sold off his partners to begin a new life. Another character of the game is Franklin, who joins forces with Michael initially as he could no longer resist the action and suspense of his previous life and decides to go back to it.


They execute a plan which makes it to the headline and catches the attention of Trevor, who was living in a desert far off the city. When he hears about this, he joins Michael and Franklin while they set out on new heists. The game’s ending divides into three situations, and the player has to choose one as they wish.



In 2001 the launch of GTA 3 made the headlines, and the players were excited to enjoy it. The story is based in the fictional city of Liberty City and follows the adventure of Claude, who is the main protagonist in the game. Claude is a quiet criminal who becomes the victim of betrayal by his girlfriend Catalina after finishing a bank heist as she shoots her and runs away. 


After being caught by the cops and sentenced to 10 years in prison, Claude gets lucky and runs away with another criminal 8-ball before setting out to revenge the betrayal as he works for different mafia bosses and powerful criminals, including leones Yakuza and Mafias. 




GTA 3 includes the player traveling around three islands of liberty city as he works for different bosses in an attempt to avenge his betrayal. However, the game doesn’t offer much in terms of free play. Although you can roam around and kill people or steal cars, apart from that, you cannot do much in terms of other actions that are available in other GTA games.

If you are a free-play game lover, GTA 5 is the best game and one that would keep you engaged for a long time. The game contains several free-play features that allow you to roam around with a lot more  freedom.



The player can use their character to eat food, work out and perform several other activities. Furthermore, you can also buy properties and businesses. The game has a role-play version that lets users do whatever they want, from being a criminal to taking respectable jobs inside the virtual city.



You can play GTA 3 but in lower-resolution graphics. The game was released when there wasn’t a lot of advancement and development in the field. This, there are no HD graphics options. GTA 5, however, is available in 4K HDR with original effects making the game a lot more realistic and enjoyable. 




GTA 3 and GTA 5 are exceptional games for the storyline as they are classics in the series. However, if you want to have more engaging gameplay in high-quality graphic settings, then GTA 5 is the best choice.

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