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Your day will always start off a bit brighter with a waffle breakfast, whether it's a thick, fluffy Belgian waffle or the crispier American variety. In addition to being tasty, waffles are also nourishing, providing a good number of multivitamins including B vitamins, Vitamin E, and minerals like magnesium and iron.  

To prepare your own waffle recipes at home, though, you'll need a unique waffle machine. Which waffle maker is the best in Malaysia given the wide range of options available on the market? We have selected the most recent Best Waffle Makers in Malaysia, offering high-quality suggestions that will fit your lifestyle and price range. 

Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker WAF-V100

Numerous reputable review websites, including New York Magazines, Reviewed, Simply Recipes, and many more, have hailed the Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker as one of the greatest waffle makers for 2021. 

In addition to being an interesting conversation starter, its oddly vertical form ensures batter dispersion evenly and frees up some room on your kitchen surface. Mess- free preparation is made possible by the baffer spout, and precise batter measurement is made possible by the measuring cup.

In addition to its unique appearance, this waffle maker has 5 browning settings so you may choose the waffle softness. The novel batter spout design also makes it simple to produce more waffles, and the green light and audio beep signal let you know when to pour batter again when the waffle is done, despite the fact that it only enables you to make one at a time. 

Overall, it's one of the cheapest Malaysian waffle machine you'll find, it's a wonderful option for everyday usage because of its mix of affordability and ability to produce almost flawless waffles every time. 

Breville BWM640 The Smart Waffle

The lavish Breville The Smart Waffle ideal for you if you want to upgrade and money is not an issue. The Waffle IQTM feature on the 4-slice waffle maker, which automatically determines the most ideal cooking time based on the waffle style you choose from its 5 pre-programmed settings: Belgium, Classic, Chocolate, Buttermilk, and a custom of your own, is its greatest strength. The waffle maker has an LCD display that shows you everything from cooking programs to a countdown timer.

You may crisp up the waffles to your preferred level of crispness with the waffle maker's 12 level browning control. The A Bit More button also allows you to add a little more brownness if you feel the waffle is still not crisp enough without having to start over. 

The clever No Mess Moat surrounding the grid, meanwhile, keeps any extra batter off your counter and keeps it spotless. The Breville The Smart Waffle is a wonderful value for your money if you're searching for a device that can cook numerous waffles at once, with flawless results every time. Its dimensions of 39.3 x 31.8 x 14.7 cm may take up some room on your kitchen counter.

The Baker Commercial Waffle Maker Machine BW-2

The Baker Business Waffle Maker is your best option if you're searching for a waffle maker for commercial usage that can generate waffles of restaurant-quality. With this waffle maker, you can cook two crisp Belgian waffles at simultaneously while also adjusting the temperature and duration settings to suit your preferences (up to 300°C and 5 minutes, respectively).

The 2000W The Baker Commercial Waffle Maker is composed of durable stainless steel and is designed for heavy-duty operation. The nonstick teflon-coated plate also makes food release and cleanup simple, cutting down on the amount of time it takes to manufacture waffles for each client.

Hamilton Beach 26049-SAU

The Hamilton Beach 26049-SAU is the multifunctional waffle maker we choose in Malaysia. This appliance has a traditional style and features two waffle grids and two die-cast cooking plates, allowing you to prepare a variety of foods in addition to thick waffles, such as pancakes, parathas, egg dishes, pizza, and many more. It is also stated to feature a non-stick coating that is 5 times more durable than that of conventional waffle makers. Not to mention that you may pour the batter with the perfect amount using the premeasured batter cup.

Russell Taylors 3 in 1 Maker CM-84


With the mobile Russell Taylors CM-84, you may prepare your preferred breakfast as you see fit. Its small size not only enables you to cook anywhere, but its detachable plates let you prepare a waffle, sandwich, or doughnut depending on how you're feeling. 

With a non-stick surface and stainless steel construction that ensures increased durability, this cooking appliance is of a high caliber. Last but not least, because this waffle maker can be kept either vertically or horizontally, your counter won't get eaten up.


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